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Was proud to be addressing the gentlemen of Kappa Alpha Psi, Stony Brook, Long Island Chapter at the “Somewhere in Amerika” Event for Black History Month. #BlackHistoryMonth

20140225-134354.jpg. The idea behind the title was simple, but a powerful one. There is racism happening not just in the places we think, but here and somewhere in America it is happening right now. It moved and humbled me more than I can say to hear the audience share what constitutes “the struggle” to them. I’ll tell you… It’s a lot different then most of us, especially in my generation (and those before) think it is. We need more inter-generational dialogues like this and those of us “over 30” need to really listen–without judgement, without skepticism and without patronizing their views. I think they would have made some of their “big brothers”–colleagues and friends of mine–Mr. L’mani Viney, Mr. Steve Pemberton, Mr. Jonathan Hicks and Mr. Aaron Snipe– would be proud. I can honestly report that they acquitted themselves admirably! Thank you to them for the support and young Mr.Tevon Hodge, chapter President, for inviting me.