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Only white life is protected in America
Every Black life is rejected till they bury ya
1000 Blacks killed it’s expected the more the merrier
1 white child gets murdered it’s mass hysteria
2 white kids killed that’s way beyond the limits
3 white kids killed now that’s a damn epidemic
The President on tv crying and looking tore up
500 Blacks die we dont even expect him to show up
You know what if you know us what’s sad but so true to
Is we probably hate Black people more than you do
Racists taught the basis if hatred was our faces
We take gages and spray it attempting to erases it
Blood on the pavement no saving no statements no detainment no arraignment no ability to change it
In death we become famous
Our portraits are painted with no gallerys to hang em
So t-shirts are created
But after 3 washes those images get faded
Now we need a new plantiff whose death was so flagrant
To become our new favorite
And distract from the fact we in gally of a slave ship getting beat by the same whip
No matter how you frame it
Nigga is such powerful word in any language now let me explain it
Cause everybody saying it has helped to make us aimless living with anguish and Black Death painless

Internalized hatred once murdered we lie naked then evolved into unsolved cases
We revolve into steel wall cages and languish until ancient
Then released into the matrix as unqualified vagrants
Sidewalks stained by what remains of the nameless
Forever tainted by the veins which sprayed it until they fainted
There’s nothing more dangerous
Than the life of a young Black male the scales weighted our murder’s premeditated
Imagine a forth grade kid taking a test
And on the outcome they base an arrest
Young man can you out run the faces of death race with a tec
They tightening the rope till it’s breaking ya neck
We got so many Trayvons we need God to give us a groupon
One day after the verdict we still getting our shoot on
Rappers still promoting Black death getting they loot on
Corporations got em enslaved it’s just a new form
A Black woman’s holding her to a Black boy a new born
Who’s gonna look him dead in his eye and tell him his hues wrong
Hold still little man let America put this noose on
And hang you from the highest tree branch another youth gone


Jasiri X out of Pittsburgh has been the voice of consciousness for the hip-hop activist generation. His scathing lyrics about every topic from racial profiling, to America’s love affair with guns, keeps the people first and puts the commercialism last. He is a poet for a new generation of conscious politically savvy and engaged hip-hop.


On this one, A Song For Trayvon, X performs at a gathering hosted by Kevin Powell, President of BK Nation. As usual his lyrics speak for themselves: “It’s Sunday, the God’s day, a day of rest
The NBA all stars are playing next
But right outside that same city
The celebratory atmosphere would change quickly
Who watching the game with me? You know lil Trayvon
Was repping his home town D Wade and LeBron
He had just came up from Miami to see his daddy
Who knew such a great weekend would end badly.”

Here is the video released last year as well: