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Very pleased to be giving this talk on the biracial factor of Obama’ identity at Stony Brook University’s Race, Ethnicity and Inequality Workshop next week. #HistoricalBlackness


Malcolm X endures as one of America’s harshest and most insightful critics. As the fiery spokesperson for the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X described in eloquent terms, the plight of African-American at the hands of white racism. Later, as head of the OAAU he called for the United States to be tried for human rights violations in front of the United Nations. He was considered a dangerous man by the government and political observers and was watched closely until his assasination at an OAAU Rally in Harlem on February 21st, 1965. He was 40 years old at that time.

Kevin Powell, President of BK Nation, organized and led this peaceful protest in Union Square, Manhattan.  This group eventually joined with another to march to Times Square and literally shut it down Sunday night before marching up through Harlem and on to the Federal Courthouse in the Bronx. In his own words, Powell reported, “There were thousands of us first at Union Square, then at Times Square, where we literally stopped the biggest tourist destination in New York City from moving. Then hundreds of us continued the march of over 100 New York City blocks to Harlem, through some of Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Once in Harlem people joined us as we weaved around streets and avenues and in and out housing projects along the way. People joined us, supported us, applauded us for taking a stand for justice.” No Justice. No peace!

Produced by Religion. Shot by Haute Muslim

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I’m tired of Black murders
If they the new slaves we the New Nat Turners
No bodyguards no entourage
We them Cinque niggas taking the Amistad
Bombaclad we need to fast like Ramadan
The industry’s a bunch of fake heros like Comic-Con
Behind that mask you Robert Downey jr
My sheros got a 2 million bounty on her future
Mutulu’s locked in San Bernardino County as a shooter
You some go a long to get a long howie y’all neutered
I’m a mother f*cking Truther
My truth scars you gonna need a mother f*cking suture
Don’t let these new Stephen ass niggas recruit ya
Cause when Monsieur Candie gets tired he gonna mute ya
And I ain’t Django either
I ain’t waiting for no white man to come and give me my freedom
I won’t join em I’ll beat em leave em rottin in the hot sun
Rockin em with the shotgun Shotta I’m the top one
Tell the coroner box em eulogize then drop em
If the chose is freedom or death then what’s the option?
Oh y’all them RG3 niggas
Smiling at the camera them happy that y’all can please niggas
I’m Barack but Fonzworth is a marine nigga
Deep like the mind of Farrakhan I’m on my dean nigga
That’s why I never believe niggas
Oh you got them instagrams how come we never see pictures
Then claim God but never read scriptures
So we worship fame because a celebrities richer
So Jesus becomes Yeezus
then I guess Kim Kardashian is Mary Magdalene
And all her sins are cleansed through the camera lens
But then again maybe I’m just rambling
Line up these industry CEOs and let me battle them
Show Jimmy Iovine the crime scene with his headless brethren and tell him sign these
And when I hear sirens disconnect his neck from his spine clean
The difference my spitting is the equivalent of using ya high beams
All I want is you and ya mind freed the time needs
Way more than a nice beat and a rhyme scheme
Cause all that bull shit y’all talking don’t fertilize seeds
I heard it takes 2 chains to make a slave
One on your physical frame and one on ya brain
And once they got ya mental enslaved it runs like a train
So what are you really saying when you claim you stuck in the game
See they create corporations cause they never wanted fame
So the nigga that you see is the nigga that’s underpaid
Damn just another slave
I’m Jean-Jacques Dessalines I swing a mother f*cking blade