The New Boston is Here…Get Used To It

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Its a Wonder We're Free...

Boston has moved into the 21st century but Boston leaders haven’t noticed.

I left Boston in 2002 , while MassVOTE, the organization I founded, was in the middle of a redistricting fight with Speaker of the House Tommy Finneran, a Statehouse speaker who used fear and intimidation to lead.  I moved back to Boston three years ago.  I moved back because I love this city and I believe in the work and love the people.  I looked forward to moving back and working towards the beloved community.

After finishing my fellowship at MIT, I began working with Greg Selkoe and started Future Boston Alliance.  The goal of Future Boston Alliance is to create an ecosystem of arts and innovation that will help shape Boston in the 21st century.  We launched with a mission video that caused quite a ruckus because we named the problem with our old…

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