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You are cordially invited to the annual AFS Graduate Student Colloquium on Wednesday, December 7th at 1:00PM in the Richard B. Moore Library, SBS S224.

Come hear about AFS graduate student projects and celebrate the holidays.
Angelique Lucien 

Shushank Chibber 

Lunch will be served. Please post/circulate.

Please join us for the AFS Graduate Student Colloquium scheduled for (Today)

Wednesday, May 4th 1PM in the Richard B. Moore Library, SBS S224.
Lunch from Eastern Pavilion will be served.

The Department of Africana Studies is proud to announce two scholarship opportunities:
The Richard B. Moore Scholarship ($500)

The Bliss Verdon Scholarship (two awards for $500 each or one award for $1,000)
Please contact Ann Berrios in AFS for applications.
The completed application materials must be hand delivered to the Department of Africana Studies no later than 12Noon on Friday, April 29th, 2016.

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Amazing experience hosting #JohnBracey #SoniaSanchez & #JimSmethurst for our Black History Month opening ceremony
at #SBU#sbutogether #SOSCallingAllBlackPeople 


The panel I moderated was entitled: “Confronting Carceral States-What Would Victory Look like? Activism & Working Towards Solutions – Then and Now.” Amazing discussion!


unnamedI will be leading the “activist” panel discussion next week at the conference that is looking at issues fueling the Black Lives Matter Movement: Racial profiling; “The school to prison pipeline”; The new Jim Crow; prisons; policing, etc. that Africana Studies is involved in planning at 5:30 pm on Tues. October 27th, Humanities Building, Room 1008. This panel discussion will basically be a discussion of Black Lives Matter and the millennial movement in general… We have some top name people who are going to “run it down”! The title of the discussion is: “Confronting Carceral States-What Would Victory Look like? Activism & Working Towards Solutions – Then and Now.” Feel free to post and circulate widely. The title of the conference is: “From the Color Line to the Carceral State: Surveillance, Prisons, and Police in the Making of Mass Incarceration”. Speakers and participants of this (mainly scholarly) conference are all nationally known in their areas. As you know, many scholars/academics who work in this area of the “carceral state” as it has come to be known, are often also engaged scholar-activists who, due to the specific nature of these issues, are really working in the prisons, leading prison education programs, interviewing folks, etc. In that sense, this is a very “engaged” conference with some of the top names on the academic-side of the struggle involved– many of whom you probably already know of or may know their work.

“Don’t just talk about it, be about it. Make sure the next generation at the very least KNOWS about it.”
— Bunmi Olusunde

Please see the link below for the lineup of the panel at 5:30 pm. It includes those listed plus Malia Lazu, Executive Director of Future Boston and long-time champion of issues of youth incarceration and a late add– Charles Coleman, Jr–former prosecutor for the Brooklyn DA’s office. Was seen most recently in a PBS live stream of a discussion with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and at the recent “Million Man March”. Check out his website at:

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